5 Obscure Food Tips to Avoid Dental Extractions


When it comes to maintaining dental health within the United States, the American Dental Association (ADA) reigns supreme. Following those lists of suggestions helps you steer clear of various dental issues including but not limited to tooth decay (caries) and mouth infections, most of which lead to procedures such as dental crowns, dental root canals, and the dreaded yet necessary dental extractions.

That is why, we have compiled a brief yet helpful list of food-related dos and things not to do that come directly from the ADA and which instead of only telling you which foods to avoid to steer clear of emergency extractions, provide a holistic approach to eating habits that could help you maintain a healthy set of teeth.


Chew Sugarless Gum

Dental Crowns

The ADA recommends you chew sugarless gum for 20 minutes after your meals. The production of saliva is important because it helps fight plaque and bacteria. This prevents you from running into various dental procedures such as dental crowns.

A pro tip is to look for the ADA’s seal of approval on such gums so that you do not start chewing something which could have adverse effects on you.


Increase the Intake of Greens and Grains

It is also recommended to increase the consumption of green vegetables, which would help you maintain a balanced diet and also improve your dental health. The ADA also suggests for people to introduce whole grains to their diet. This could once again contribute to dental health by improving one’s glucose metabolism, and helping them avoid periodontal disease which is something that almost always leads to emergency dentist visits for dental extractions.


Stay Away from Sugary Foods

This is a well-known yet often stressed suggestion by almost every dental health authority. It is because the sugars that we consume in high amount are detrimental for our teeth by exposing their risk to acid attacks. Most candies also are sticky and increase the risk of making their home between the nooks of our teeth as food particles, which increase the chance of caries. The same goes for sugary drinks such as soda, which is also a prime factor for tooth decay.


Increase the Consumption of Dairy Products

Dairy products are known to be rich in calcium, which is a necessary source of strength for your teeth. You can consume dairy products in the form of drinking milk or also eating low-fat and unprocessed cheese, which will be both good for your teeth and your overall health, and also decrease your chances of having to get procedures such as dental crowns.


Stay Hydrated

A continuous intake of water helps you keep your teeth clean by washing away food particles and stains that are not otherwise visible to you (such as those from soda). It also helps in preventing your mouth from going dry, which is a big positive, since a dry mouth and lack of saliva could lead to tooth decay. By ensuring to stay hydrated, you do not only let your dental health be maintained and avoid procedures such as dental root canals, but also give your body an overall healthy state to sustain upon.