8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Colorado Home Inspector


Is your house a home yet? Is the safety of your house assured before moving in? Our family’s health, safety and security should be a priority to put first, to achieve this you need to ensure they are under a safe roof. Home inspection is a crucial step to take before moving into your new house. Your family’s well-being in Colorado will be guaranteed by ensuring you get a qualified home inspector. Below are some of the things you should know and what to consider when hiring a Home inspector in Colorado.

  •        Qualifications.

As a client you have all the rights to understand and know the level of training and experience of the inspector. This serves as a check of quality of work expected to be done. A Colorado Home Inspector does not require you to have any certification but one with the certificates is an added advantage. Certificates from a recognized group dictate a quality inspection standard.

  •        Sample Reports

Previous works done in form of photos should be presented. The photos should back up the inspector’s prowess and quality measures in their work.

  •        Memberships

A home inspector should at least be registered in a known group, this is a plus if you need to hire one. The groups provide training, certification and information about industry practices and standards of inspection.

  •        What does the inspection cover?

Hiring an inspector means that every necessary and crucial systems and parts in your home are covered fully. A full house inspection will save your time and funds. The groups should be state recognized and approved. Below are some of the groups and associations

  1.      American Society of Home Inspectors. (ASHI)
  2.      National Institute of Building Inspectors. (NIBI)
  3.       National Association of Home Inspectors. (NAHI)
  •        Errors and omission Insurance

Errors are inevitable; however, this does not give room for omissions and error. In case it happens does the inspector or company offer insurance to problems encountered? The company or inspector should be in a position to offer insurance for problems and accidents arising from negligence by the inspector.

  •        Re-Inspection fee.

Once the inspector has completed their work, the client believes that no problems will arise immediately after. You can save cost by hiring an inspector who does not charge re-inspection fee to avoid double costs and expenses.

  •        References.

You need to get a word from people who have recently had their homes inspected. This gives assurance of the kind of service offered and work done. The customer experience should also help you determine if you will hire the referred inspector.

  •         Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally occurring, colorless radioactive gas that is produced by decaying Uranium. Exposure to high levels of Radon can cause lung cancer. Health comes first, this is why you will need to test radon levels regularly.

Radon testing and inspection includes placing of testing devices in your home, this is to measure the level of radon.

To ensure that you and your family is safe from radon gas:

  1. Ensure there are no cracks in your walls and floor.
  2. An exhaust pipe that runs from your basement to the roof of your house should be installed.
  3. A fan hat pulls air from below your floor and out through the exhaust pipe.

With the above guidelines your family’s safety is guaranteed. Your house will finally be a home.