As the locals know, lawn care design in Las Vegas offers a unique challenge.


http://taylormadelandscapes.comEven if you’ve never been to Las Vegas before (which if you haven’t, you should go), you probably have a general idea of what the weather is like there. It’s hot and dry the bulk of the year, with copious amounts of sunshine. As such, the climate presents unique challenges when it comes to lawn care design in Las Vegas. What you can do with your lawn and landscape design in states like Florida and North Carolina simply won’t work in a place like Las Vegas. In fact, the Southwest, which includes Las Vegas, is utterly unique in terms of what homeowners are able to do with their lawns.

Probably the biggest challenge with lawn care design in Las Vegas is the heat and lack of rain. Summer highs regularly exceed 100 degrees, and the city can go weeks, if not months without measurable precipitation. That type of weather is not conducive to plant life, and therefore traditional grasses simply won’t grow. The homeowner could have a traditional lawn if they were willing to spend a few hundred dollars a month on water, but often times the city issues water restrictions that prevent homeowners from doing this, even if they can afford it. Given how little water there is in the city, it’s not surprising that government officials often opt to restrict water use. If they let everyone have lawns, the amount of water that would be used to keep them alive would drain the city’s reservoirs incredibly quickly.

Since many types of plants and grasses won’t grow in Las Vegas, homeowners and landscape contractors often opt for some type of xeriscape design. This means they plant native grasses, trees, and plants that are meant to survive in the harsh climate of the city. In practice, this means planting many types of plants, trees, and grasses that don’t require much water, from prairie-style grasses to cactuses. In addition to planting native vegetation, most homeowners spice up their landscape design by putting in different types of rocks, planter walls, and sometimes even artificial grass. This type of landscape design allows homeowners to improve the way their yard looks and show their creativity in the harsh climate that is Las Vegas.

The benefit of landscape design in Las Vegas is that most homeowners don’t have to spend much money on lawn care services, and they also don’t have a very large water bill each month. By planting native vegetation and designing their landscaping to include lots of rocks and artificial grasses and plants, they’re essentially creating a yard that requires very little maintenance and effort.

If you live in Las Vegas and you’re trying to come up with a creative way to design your landscaping without vegetation that’s going to require a lot of water, make sure you hire a landscape design company like Taylormade Landscapes to help you out. They’ve been working in the Las Vegas landscape design industry for years, and they understand how to creative exquisite landscapes in the harsh conditions of the Southwest.