Considering Tumbling Training for Your Child? Here’s What You Need to Know


In gymnastics, tumbling is regarded as a foundation training technique. Often seen as a class of its own, tumbling training is also very effective in setting young gymnasts on the path of a holistic learning experience for other disciplines.tumbling training

Thus, if you are thinking about having your child enrolled in a tumbling class so they could start exploring gymnastics through it or simply make tumbling as their main discipline, then you are on the right path.

However, it is only rational to have questions about what the tumbling class may entail and the things that you need to know regarding it.

Considering this, we have put together a brief guide regarding tumbling that answers some of the most commonly asked questions below.


What is Tumbling Training?

The training utilizes the techniques of trampoline with artistic gymnastics, where gymnasts take part in flips, handsprings, and tucks along with various other forms. The practice is executed with just a spring floor and without any other special equipment.

What makes tumbling so great is how it allows the body to stretch, ease and make itself comfortable with the very  basics of gymnastics. This in extension allows gymnasts to acquaint themselves with what gymnastics could do for them. Then, depending on their preference, they could transcend their tumbling training into other forms of gymnastics.

When Can a Tumbling Class Start?

Some gymnastics training aficionados say that children as young as 2 year olds could start tumbling training.

This is because at that age, children are more likely to have fun bouncing around without having to put in any additional effort. But this bouncing technique then evokes a passion of achieving more and more feats in gymnastics, which creates a strong base for their gymnastics leaning experience.

However, considering that the age of 2 years could be a bit too young due to a variety of reasons such as repeated distractions during the routine or exhaustion after it, it is often advised that the tumbling training start a few years into their life.

This allows their body to develop for the very form of gymnastics. This way, they don’t have to go through some very extra physical efforts right from the bat. Instead, they could start off slowly and on a pace that is comfortable to them.


What Do You Need to Train for Tumbling?

A will to learn, a great teacher, and a good spring floor.

That is all that you need in terms of tumbling training. Since no special equipment other than the floor is needed, you can ensure to hone your child’s skills by having them spend some time on the floor itself.

If they need a nudge in the right direction, they can get it by their teacher. And if they want to explore another discipline, then they can expand their horizon easily.

Along with this, make sure that you select a proficient and credible gymnastics training center such as World Champions Centre, which could help your child develop their tumbling training skills under a healthy, safe and encouraging environment.