Creating Effective Custom Retail Packaging for your Products


As a customer, think to yourself, how would you feel if you purchase something and it comes to you in a generic brown cardboard box and compare that to when your purchase is presented in custom retail packaging that is made specially by the company? You will likely prefer it when your purchase comes in something more unique, right? Now the retail packaging that products come in don’t change the products inside, but it changes the experience for the consumer. Utilizing custom retail packaging can have an aesthetic or functional purpose and shows the attention of the company towards the consumer.

clear packaging

box retail packaging

The use of custom retail packaging is something that companies work to maximize so as to build a brand that would reach out to consumers and create an experience that is worth coming back to. This helps the company to sell their products better and build a bond with their consumers. Well how is effective custom retail packaging created? Let’s look further into it.

  1. The brand’s story – Custom retail packaging is a tool for communicating to consumers and through that the company must be able to communicate the brand story. In telling a story, you will want it to be unique, something people haven’t heard of before. When you apply that concept to products, you must be able to offer something that other products can’t. Consumers won’t pay attention to products they have seen before.
  2. Consistency – When you are marketing your product, it is important to show consistency. It is through consistency in the narrative that success is reached. When creating a design for a custom retail packaging, make sure it is something that will be in line with the brand and can easily be associated with it. Doing otherwise would only put consumers in a confusing situation. You want to tell them what your brand stands for.
  3. Color – Color is a very powerful tool when it comes to packaging. Around sixty to ninety percent of consumers choose based on the color of something. When you are choosing a color to use for your custom retail packaging, consider how each hue affects one’s thoughts and emotions. For example, red stands out and really makes a statement while green is visually relaxing to the eye and will give off a feeling of freshness.
  4. Material – When choosing material for your custom retail packaging, you will have to consider three things: functionality, sustainability, and its cost and time to make. First, you have to make sure that your custom retail packaging is not only there to look pretty but also to safeguard your product and make sure it doesn’t arrive to the consumer damaged. Next, the custom retail packaging has to be practical when it comes to producing the packaging. And lastly, you will want to think about the effect the packaging has on the environment.

When you have successfully created custom retail packaging that follows these, you are on your way to bringing up the sales of your product and making your brand more well known.