Designing a Custom Engagement Ring that your Partner Will Love


Deciding to propose to your partner is a big step in pushing your relationship to the next level. It is in that decision that you are sure of committing to the person who love for the rest of your life and promising to show your partner the love they deserve. When you will propose with a ring, you will want that ring to be the best for your partner, something that she will love and wear all day. Going to a jewelry shop and picking out an engagement ring is simple but if you really want to symbolize your relationship with something unique, you can go for a custom engagement ring.

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Custom engagement rings require a greater investment of your time, but it is something that is going to be worth it. By having a custom engagement ring made, you can have control over the design of the ring and make it something that your partner will really love. If you plan on proposing to the love of your life with a custom engagement ring, here is what you need to know about designing it and having it made.

  1. Starting early – Creating a custom engagement ring is no short process. It involves having to meet up with the jeweler possibly several times in order to get the design down and then the ring design has to be brought to life by casting and crafting it. The entire process could be between weeks to months so if you are planning to propose to your partner on a particular date or event, make sure that you have the custom engagement ring made early on.
  2. Using picture references – Designing a custom engagement ring really takes some creativity apart from knowing what your partner likes. That in itself can be challenging for someone who has a hard time conceptualizing something from scratch. A very helpful thing to do which can make the design process so much easier is by getting some reference images from the internet and using them as inspiration for the design of your ring. Bring these when discussing the design with your jeweler.
  3. Choosing a jeweler – When looking for a jeweler to help you create the custom engagement ring, you will not only want someone who is reputable and experienced, but also someone who understands your aesthetic and is able to really translate your vision for the ring. Finding a jeweler who shares your aesthetic can make the entire design discussion process so much easier.
  4. Picking the stone and material – With custom engagement rings, you can choose not to go traditional with the material and opt for materials like rose gold, titanium, etc. over gold and silver. When picking the stone that will go on the ring, consider what your partner will love and decide whether you will leave it raw or have a particular cut.
  5. Creating and waiting – Once the design is good to go, the custom engagement ring will be crafted. At this point, you will have to wait and allow for the craftsman to make further adjustments to really make the ring beautiful.