Difference Between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana and the Use of CBD Drops


There are some differences between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana is not legal in all states, however, the use of Medical Cannabis Oilmedical marijuana is legal in more states. While the shopping experience and product are similar for each there are some minor differences between the two. Medical marijuana users will see additional benefits that recreational marijuana users do not get. This article will cover the similarities and differences.


When you are shopping for marijuana the differences between medical and recreational will be fairly similar. When you arrive at the dispensary you will need to show your ID. Then if you are at a medical dispensary you will need to show your medical marijuana card. There are some dispensaries that sell just medical, some that sell just recreational and some that have both in them. If there is a dispensary that has both options then the medical side will often be at a discounted rate. A dispensary that is just recreational can sell to a person who needs it for medical purposes however, they cannot give them any medical advice.


The selection of products is not that different between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. At both dispensaries, there will be different products like CBD drops, edibles, cannabis oil, flower, vaporizers, and topicals. The only difference is that the THC potency in medical marijuana can be much higher than recreational marijuana. Also, a person who has a medical marijuana card can buy a lot more product than a person who is just using recreational marijuana.


Medical marijuana users will get benefits that recreational marijuana users don’t get. The cost of the products will be lower for them. Also, they get tax breaks on the product. Medical marijuana users also get access to the product that has a higher THC potency. They also can buy more because their limitations on quantity are lower. Medical marijuana users who are minors have access to it. This is usually only for minors who suffer from cancer. Another benefit that medical marijuana users get is that they can grow their own marijuana.


Recreational marijuana users are also perceived differently than a medical marijuana user. More people seem to understand and support people who use medical marijuana than they do for people who use recreational marijuana. However, even if you do not qualify for a medical marijuana card there are still many health benefits you can get from using recreational marijuana. It can help you with any anxiety you are experiencing. It can also help you fall asleep better at night. It can also help you if you have a loss of appetite. Topical cannabis can also help with muscle aches as well.
Whether you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes or just recreationally there are many benefits each can enjoy. It can help both users feel relaxed. It can also help people who have any pain. There are many different ways to consume marijuana. Both users can smoke it, use CBD drops, use it topically and much more.