Hail Damage Repair: How to Go About It


hail damage repairAccording to the Storm Prediction Center, many parts of Colorado experience some of the worst hail storms compared to other areas of the country. The hail is capable of causing all sorts of damage to cars, including engine damage, dent holes, and cracked car windows. If you own a car in this western U.S. state, the following tricks can help you repair hail damage.

1. Using heating and cooling

If your car has suffered minor hail damage, you can undertake the repairs yourself at home using the heating and cooling method. Here are four common ways you can perform hail damage repair using the heating and cooling method.

• Using boiling water: It might be difficult to push out the dent on your car because of how stiff the metal is. You can quickly fix this issue by pouring hot water on the dent.

• Using dry ice: Putting a block of dry ice over the dent can help repair hail damage. The rapid cooling of the car’s body forces the dents to pop up without interfering with the paint. Always use protective gloves when touching the dry ice and the car.

• Using the sun: Parking your car in the sun after hail damage car helps repair minor dents. The sun heats the car’s body causing the metal to expand. The expansion of the car’s body causes the dents to pop up.

• Using hot air: You can also fix shallow and light car dents using hot air. Use a hairdryer to heat the dented area in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Using a computer duster, spray the heated area for about 10 seconds. Wait for a few seconds for the dented area to return to its original shape.

2. Using a dent repair kit

The second way you can perform hail damage repair at home is by using a dent repair kit. You can order these kits from online or your nearest local auto supply store. They come with tools such as suction cups, hot glue, a glue gun, knockdown tool, pullers, rods, and many others. Unlike the heating and cooling methods that we’ve mentioned above, dent repair kits provide fairly professional results.

3. Taking your car to a repair shop

If you don’t have the time for these methods, want to ensure a professional job, or your car has suffered severe damage as a result of hail storms, it is recommended you take it to the local auto repair shop to get the damage fixed. An auto repair specialist can fix severely damaged surfaces, including deep dents, very fast. What’s more, they can protect your car’s value and paintwork from further damage.

Auto hail repair specialists near you

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