Here’s what to expect from a recreational cannabis dispensary


If you have never been inside of a recreational cannabis dispensary, then you need to make your first visit! Even if you aren’t particularly interested in recreational cannabis, then you need to pay a visit to the right dispensary in order to simply see what it is all about! There are many things to learn about dispensaries and they may not look at all what you think! Listed here are several of the many things to expect from the right recreational cannabis dispensary: recreational cannabis company

  1. It won’t look like a head shop! If you are thinking of those old head shops that sold smoking materials, then you will be surprised to find that most dispensaries do not look like that! They are typically very clean, well lit and well designed.
  2. They are sleek and modern. Your recreational dispensary will likely be sleek and modern as well.
  3. You need to have cash! When you choose to walk into a recreational dispensary, then you will need to ensure that you have plenty of cash on hand in order to ensure that you can purchase your goods. Some recreational cannabis dispensaries will have an ATM in the store but some won’t and most only take cash.
  4. You will run into security. You will definitely run into security as you enter a dispensary. All dispensaries are cash based or most at least and they all have security guards in order to ensure that they are safe while also ensuring that they check your IDs and credentials.
  5. You will likely have a ‘budtender’ dedicated to you! When you visit a dispensary, then you will have a staff member that is dedicated to helping you find exactly what you want. They can also help you find the right products if you don’t know what you want.
  6. You may need to wait in a waiting room. Some dispensaries have a waiting room and only allow one or two customers at a time into the store in order to ensure that they have a dedicated budtender to help you find what you need.
  7. You will need to have your ID with you. It is important to bring your state issued ID with you so that you can get in!

As you can see, there are many things to expect from the right cannabis dispensary and many things that may surprise you when you walk into your first dispensary. You can find many great options in the right dispensary for your needs but you will want to find the right one first. If you are in a larger city that has many dispensaries, then you can either look online in order to get a better idea of what is out there or you can simply walk around until you find one to visit.

If you want to get specific with what you are looking for, then you will want to find the right dispensary that can help you choose the right product for your needs. You can start by reaching out to the experts over at Green Dragon Cannabis Company.