Hire an outside company to handle your tree removal.


http://www.jbstreecare.comOver the last couple of years, the do-it-yourself line of thinking when it comes to odd jobs around the house has really picked up. There are thousands, if not millions, of YouTube videos out there where people can learn how to do all sorts of things around their home. They can replace their old toilet, learn how to rip out a bathroom floor, learn how to install trim in their home, and so much more. Really, a person can learn how to do just about anything from the Internet these days, and loads of people are taking advantage. When they do a job themselves, they save themselves money, even if the job might take them a little longer than it would take a trained professional.

That said, there are a few jobs around the house that people shouldn’t be attempting to do on their own. Electrical wiring jumps to mind right away. Not only are electrical issues in the home fairly complex, but they’re also incredibly dangerous. You could really hurt yourself if you end up cutting into a hot wire.

Tree removal is also one of those things. Obviously, if you’re taking out a tiny sapling that was only just planted or isn’t very old, you can probably handle that job on your own. All you have to do is cut the tree off at the base and grab a shovel to dig out the stump and the roots. However, when you’re talking about a decades-old tree with a complex and deep root system, you need to hire an outside company for the job. That’s because these jobs are complex, timely, and require an incredible amount of equipment. For example, if you’re going to remove an old oak tree, the first thing the person has to do is climb up in the tree or use a very tall ladder and start cutting off the major limbs. Those limbs can weigh thousands of pounds, so the person doing the cutting has to know where they’re going to land. If they fall on a house, they could do serious damage and potentially injure someone. The pros at companies like JBS Tree Care have the know-how required to ensure that the large branches they’re cutting down aren’t hurting anyone. The same thing applies to the trunk of the tree.

On top of knowing where the big branches are going to fall and ensuring there isn’t anything in the way, removing such large trees also requires heavy equipment. Only professional tree and stump removal companies have the large chainsaws and other equipment it takes to remove large trees. All the wood has to be cut into small enough pieces that they can be removed, and some of the wood will need to go through a wood chipper to break it apart. This isn’t easy work, and if you’re using this kind of equipment and you don’t know what you’re doing, the odds of you really hurting yourself are quite high. In the end, it’s best to just outsource this work to the trained professionals and let them go to work.