How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Service


Owning a business means carrying a number of responsibilities. Responsibilities that must be carried out for the benefit and growth of the business. One responsibility that is often taken for granted in terms of impact but actually affects employees, clients, and the overall business is the cleanliness of the work place environment. A business must maintain optimal cleanliness to keep employees happy and productive, to keep sickness at bay, and to project a professional image towards clients. Maintaining a clean work environment means having the right commercial cleaning service.

Cleaning Services

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As a business owner, how will you know how to choose the commercial cleaning service that is right for your business? Today we are going to go through how you can choose the right commercial cleaning service for your business and maintain the cleanliness of your work place environment.

  1. Get references – When you are going to be meeting with commercial cleaning companies, you will want to get some references from them; other businesses who can vouch for their capability in cleaning and the quality of the service that they provide. You know a commercial cleaning service is good when many businesses have had good experiences with it.
  2. Check their experience and training – For any commercial cleaning service, having the proper experience is very important all the more so when it is backed up by good training. Learn about the training that the cleaners receive and how experienced they are in cleaning and maintaining commercial environments.
  3. Look into certifications – When it comes to commercial cleaning services, there is a standard that they must be able to meet. You will want to know about the certifications that a commercial cleaning company has as these may help protect you and your business and even save your business on cleaning costs.
  4. Ask about insurance – Being a commercial cleaner isn’t really something that is considered a risky job but anything can happen especially in work spaces that have large and heavy cabinets and the like. You will want to make sure that the commercial cleaning service you are hiring is insured properly so that you and your business are not liable for any accidents and are secured.
  5. Learn about their availability – Commercial cleaning services are to be used in accordance with a schedule but you should also learn if in their schedule they have any blackout times. This will give you an idea as to their availability. It is also helpful to learn their policy on any emergency requests outside of their set schedule should you need cleaning during a particular time.
  6. Know their supplies and equipment – You should learn about the products and the tools that the commercial cleaning service will be using to clean you work space environment. Are these products environmentally friendly? Are these products sourced locally? Are these products of a good quality? When you are going to be hiring their service to help clean your business, you will want them to use the best products they can to keep your work place clean.