Roof Replacement – 5 Signs Your Contractors Did a Bad Job


Just got done with a roof replacement project but still have the same problems of drafts, uneven appearance, and leaky roofing? roof replacement


All of these problems point toward a bad roofing job, which may or may not have risen out of you paying too less of a service fee, selecting roofing contractors with no prior experience, or simply not having enough time to supervise what they were doing.

However, since the damage has to be borne by you, now is not the time to blame yourself. Instead, it is a call to gather every bit of tenacity you have and put it towards assessing whether or not the previous roof contractors did a bad job with your roofing.

Here are 5 signs that would help you assess that.

There are Water Stains on the Roof

Water stains are not a sign of leftover rain, but of something more simpler – and your roof’s case, more sinister.

More often than not, water stains denote to leakage under your roofing material. Therefore, ensure to check this aspect right away by calling roof contractors who are actually proficient at their job. For instance, if you are in Colorado, then calling a reliable roofing services provider such as Roof Worx would be a good idea.


The Roofing is Uneven

One quick look at your roof is enough to let you know whether your roofing contractors did the job with professionalism or through the complete opposite side of that picture.

If the roofing is uneven, the shingles are on top of one another, or if the alignment looks more out of place than your broken roof did before, then it wouldn’t take much to put together that the roof contractors did bow out of doing the job they were paid to do.


You Can Find Literal Gaps Between Shingles or Segments

Remember how we mentioned drafts at the beginning of our discussion? Most of the times, they are a cause of missing roofing as well as insulation.

If you find that your newly done roof replacement comes with its value added feature of boasting of useless gaps, then make sure that you get this checked from a credible contractor right away. It is just an unfortunate sign of a roofing job done in the worst manner possible.


The Gutter Installation is Out of Place

If essential elements of your roofing were left out or not paid enough attention to by your roofing contractors, then it cannot only be detrimental for your roofing structure, but to your overall building.

For instance, an incorrectly installed gutter can cause water damage right to the very foundation of your house, and in a very short time can cause your whole structure to come crumbling down in terms of safety and sustainability. Therefore, if you find that gutter installation is an aspect that did not get the kind of care it deserved, then it’s a surefire sign that your roof contractors didn’t know what they were doing.


The Roofing Material is Not Fixed Properly

If your roofing material, such as roofing shingles, is not fixed properly or just falls off at the mere touch of your hands, then it goes without saying that the services you paid for were beyond subpar.

When you notice this or any other signs that are mentioned above, make sure that you not only reach out to a new roof contractor to repair the damage that has been done, but that you also contact the previous contractor with the botched job to their credit so that they know how their negligence is causing you major troubles.