Roof Shingles: When Do You Need to Look Into Roof Replacement


Roof shingles are one of the most popular types of roofing that is used within the United States and installed by various roofers around the country.


Widely available in asphalt, wood and shake shingles, this roofing type’s popularity is tied to its cost effectiveness and upkeep. However, as with almost everything else in the world, roof shingles also have a limited lifespan that usually lasts through 20-30 years (including asphalt, wood and shake shingles).

That is why, homeowners who have bought older houses or those who are transitioning to another  generation in family-owned homes often have the thoughts of roof replacement in their mind, but which are often overlooked due to their roofing functioning properly – right until it doesn’t.

Here are a few signs that could help you determine when it is time to replace your roof, and when should you only look for roof repair.

Shingles Have Started Turning into Granules

When you notice more than a few granules of shingles in your gutter or see that your shingles are crumbling away, it is time to have them checked by a credible and experienced roofer. This is one of the topmost signs of you requiring a roof replacement, since a large number of shingles starting to turn into dust means that others would follow suit, which would expose your bare roof to detrimental conditions.


More Than a Few Shingles Are Missing

This is often the next step of the aforementioned transition, where so many shingles have crumbled away that they would now just seem to be missing. When you notice this phenomenon, it would be time to immediately call for a roofer. However, shingles could often go missing due to windy conditions or immediately after a tropical storm, in which case you only need a roof repair.

The Shingles Have Started Curling or Cracking

One more thing that is noticed with shingle roofing that needs to be replaced is how the shingles start to curl from the corners, much like an old piece of abandoned paper. Another version of this physical sign of expiration is the shingles getting cracks between them. This alludes to the possibility of them having lived their age, in which case, they would soon stop protecting your home from exposure. Needless to say, this calls for an immediate contact with roofers, so you could start getting quotes for roof replacement.

The Roof is Leaking

While noticing the aforementioned signs would require you to have an external view of your roof, there are other ways to note when you might need a roof replacement. For instance, if you start experiencing leaks through your roofs in more than one part of your house, then it is a surefire sign of your roofing having lived its age. A call to the roofer would be due at this point.

The Roof Lets Sunlight Into Your House

Of all the things in the world, what a roof should not do is to let any kind of sunlight into your house. That is a job for the windows, after all. Keeping this in mind, when you notice that your roof is letting sunlight into your abode, it would be time to climb up and check for the aforementioned signs with shingles. It would also be prudent to call a roofer at this point,  even if the roofing doesn’t need to be replaced, you would require ample roof repair to protect your home from exposure.