Tips for Working with your Small Outdoor Space


Having an outdoor space is a great way to bring out your creativity and have fun designing it be your own place of comfort and relaxation. When you think about an outdoor space, you might think about a wide deck filled with beautiful patio furniture. However, not every homeowner is blessed with such wide spaces in their backyard. Sometimes, all you have to work with is a small space. But that shouldn’t let you down because there are a lot of opportunities for small outdoor spaces and here are some tips for you to work with it.

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  1. Improve coziness with the right furniture – Small outdoor spaces are a great place for you to create a cozy setting. With a couple of chairs and a couch placed to create a half-circle, you can create a great area for entertaining guests while feeling comfortable.
  2. Maximize space with effective arrangement – You might think that adding furniture to a small space will make it constricting but with the right arrangement such as setting them up around the perimeter you can have ample space in the middle.
  3. Use large pillows as seats – If you want to add more seating to your small space, consider using a large pillow instead of another chair. Pillows are quite comfy and they take up less space that a chair.
  4. Be resourceful and improvise – Instead of buying patio furniture such as patio tables which can take up a lot of space, you can use an all-purpose counter and set in in the middle to act as the patio table.
  5. Divide the small space into multiple spaces – In order to make the small space a lot more functional, it is easier to divide it into different areas in which you can have a specific purpose for each.
  6. Utilize narrow outdoor furniture – Obviously if you are going to be working on a small outdoor spaces, buying large outdoor furniture just isn’t an option. Narrow outdoor furniture also makes it a lot easier to create intimacy in the small outdoor space.
  7. Elongate the space through perception – Although you can’t physically make the space bigger, you can make it look bigger. Using small furniture set around the space and having a white rug expanding to the different sides from the center makes the space look bigger.
  8. Keep it to the side – If the space that you are working on is a courtyard, keep things to the side or to the perimeter. This keeps the center area free for guests to move through and is also a great focal point to accentuate the space.
  9. Utilize small tables – The same logic applies for why you should use narrow patio furniture. Small tables just generally take up less space and they are also cute and also help create a cozier atmosphere in the space.

Now that you have these tips, it will now be a lot easier for you to work on the small outdoor space that you have at home and really make it look great.