Web Design Tips and Tricks


If you are interested in building a website there are some important tips and Web Design Baton Rouge tricks you should know about web design first. It is important to know that how your website looks will directly affect how long people stay on your website. That is why it is very important to know about web design.


It is important to think visually when designing a website. You want to make sure that you have a good balance of pictures, text and graphics. A good web marketing agency knows that a great website is pleasing to look at. There are some simple rules to follow to make sure the website is pleasing to look at. The first is that the important information should be visible when the page loads, so you want to make sure that information fits within 800 x 600 pixels. This is important because a lot of people view websites on their phones so you want them to see the important information first. Also, make sure you don’t have more than three different focal points. Another important point to make is that your fonts should be at least 10 point font. Also, along the lines of fonts, make sure to use standard fonts so that different computer systems are able to read it.


There are also web design tips for graphics on your website. A very important part of any website is the graphics. Great graphics make a website pleasing to look at which means people will stay on your page longer. The first tip is that you want to make sure all graphics are in the standard resolution which is 72 dpi. Another tip is that when you save a graphic make sure you save it as an adaptive palette gif file. This will help speed up download performance. If you are saving a photo file, make sure to save it as a JPEG or PNG file. Another tip is that you should display graphics like GIFs on the proper background color.


If you are presenting information on the website there are some great tips for that as well. You want to make sure you present the information logically on your website. Even if it is just words you still want to make the information look visually appealing because you want your viewer to read everything. Also, your website should have a main idea, a topic and then a subtopic. Also, your navigation should stay at the same place throughout your different pages. It is ideal to have the navigation at the top or on the left side of the page.


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