Wedding Bands and their Connection to Ancient Egypt


Wedding bands have been instituted into society and different cultures across the world since ancient times. Their very origins are imbibed within ancient cultures such as the Roman and Egyptian civilizations, the former of which is supposed to have originated the tradition of engagement rings or betrothal rings in western culture.Wedding Bands

These simple rings have now progressed and evolved into a wide array of offerings including custom engagement rings, custom wedding bands, diamond engagement rings and much more jewelry pieces to choose from – all of which revolve around the concept of weddings.

Let’s dive into the history of wedding bands and see how they have progressed throughout history.


Wedding Bands in Ancient Egypt

Did you know that the wedding band is present in cultures dating all the way back to ancient Egypt? Historians have reached consensus at this point and most agree that the mystic Egyptians where the ones to bring the concept of wedding bands into the human consciousness.

The evidence came from excavations of dig sites that found different images on artifacts that depicted the use of rings within their culture.

These ancient rings consisted of different materials and were crafted in a different manner presumably due to their technologies and techniques that they were aware of at that time.

With that being said, custom engagement rings were not evidenced in ancient Egypt and this is not surprising in the least bit. It was a different society and mass luxury may not have been present. As mentioned above, engagement rings are traced back to ancient Romans.

Either way, historians and other experts think that this ancient Egyptian society helped to promulgate the concept of wedding bands and its importance to those who wore it. It is widely believed that the Egyptians viewed the continuity of the circle as a way to state that love would continue to go on forever and would be endless.

Some experts even believe that Egyptians would adorn their left hand with the engagement rings because they had an intriguing belief that the specific part had a special connection to the organ of love, the heart.

This is amazing to read and experience that such an ancient society would have the time to advance that much and be able to not only think about these concepts, but then bring about physical representations of the abstract concepts of love.

It is even more interesting when it is compared to our times, where we seem to be very busy and look for ways to relax and rest rather than doing grand romantic gestures even with our many advanced technologies.

These ancient Egyptians and their rings of love show us modern Homo sapiens that love has been here for a while and that it will always remain supreme. Powerful cultures that created the pyramids exalted the abstract feeling of love and made its representation more concrete through the wedding bands. And so it wouldn’t be incorrect to state that future generations would find their own way to profess their love for the ones who they hold dear to their hearts.

Richer Egyptians were known to awe others by their display of wealth. This would have shown through any custom wedding bands that they had made for themselves. We are certain that we would have been surprised and awed if we were to travel in time as well.

The wedding bands did not just represent love to Egyptians. It represented something that is far greater and much more powerful, that confounding aspect of eternity, of time that keeps on going, pushing forward into the future, ticking away, forever.

The Egyptians had great taste and had high fashion. This is represented in their many hieroglyphics, their burial grounds for people of nobility and in other aspects of their culture as well.

History is certainly fascinating. As time goes on and we make further advancements in learning about other cultures, we would be able to see how other societies handled the concept of engagement rings and wedding bands.