What To Know Before Bringing A Second Dog Home


Dogs are a great addition to any family. They bring a lot of joy and love into the home. A lot of times a family will add a second dog to their family to provide even more joy. If you are interested in australian cobberdog puppiesdoing this there are some things to read up on first. There are many things to consider before adding a second dog to your home.


It is best to add a second dog after your current dog turns one. It is important to let your first dog get trained properly before adding a second dog. The second dog will follow the routine of the first dog so that is why it is important to train the first dog properly. It is also important to think about why you want to get a second dog. If it is to bring more joy into the home then that is great. However, if you are getting a second dog just to entertain the dog you already have then this is not a great idea. They will play together but at the end of the day, they mostly want attention from their owner.


Another item to consider is what type of second dog you will get. Not all dogs are good together. If you already have a tiny dog you might not want to add a big dog to your house as it could hurt the little one. It is best to get matching size dogs so if you already have a labradoodle then you could look into australian cobberdog puppies. You should also consider the ages of the dogs. Do not get a new puppy if your dog is very old as they might not play together that well. Also, getting a puppy of the opposite sex is a smart move.


Also, you should consider how much adding a second dog will cost to you and your family. Just remember to take the expenses you have now with your current dog and times it by two. Make sure you can actually afford to bring a new puppy home. It will not be fair to your family or the puppy if you realize down the road it is just too expensive.


A lot of people like the idea of getting two dogs at the same time from the same litter. However, this is not a good idea. Usually what will happen is that the two dogs will bond to each other and not to their human owners. Training two puppies at the same time is a lot of work too. One dog may pick up on the training while the other one might not. Then you would have to separate them and this may cause separation anxiety for them.
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